1976 Honda CB400F For Sale
1976 Honda CB400F
To be offered for sale in March 2016 - watch this space for details!
1976 Honda CB400F

1976 Honda CB400F

I purchased this 1976 CB400F from the original owner on June 13, 1981. It was in excellent condition at the time of purchase and remains that way today. It is in original condition and has not been restored - the paint, chrome, seat, etc. are all as delivered from Honda.

I rode this CB400F for several years and about 4000 miles (6400 km). It was last ridden on Aug. 29, 1987, total mileage is 7032 (11251 km). It will eventually transfer to its next owner in the condition pictured.

Although not an especially rare Honda model, the 1975-1977 CB400F has at least a moderate amount of collector/enthusiast interest and the level of interest seems to be on the rise. For those of you looking to purchase a CB400F I suggest checking Ebay - unmodified, original-condition examples of the CB400F can be somewhat difficult to locate although they are offered for sale on Ebay from time to time.

The CB400F is pictured above in Red Rocks Park near Morrison, Colorado.

Looking into the possibility of returning the CB400F to service, I decided to rebuild the front brake master cylinder and caliper, both were leaking a little fluid. Click here for the photos.

1976 Honda CB400F

Here's an interesting shot - between a GS650G and a NT650 Hawk GT the CB400F looks rather diminutive!

1982 Suzuki GS650G, 1976 Honda CB400F, 1990 Honda NT650 Hawk GT Two CB400Fs!

Here's a shot of the CB400F with a virtually identical stablemate:

L-R: 1976 Honda CB400F (1 of 2) - 1976 Honda CB400F (2 of 2)

Click to supersize!

Click the image to supersize and view a second photo shot from a different angle!

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