1990 Honda NT650 Hawk GT

1990 Honda NT650 Hawk GT

I purchased this 1990 NT650 Hawk GT on July 9, 2004, number of previous owners unknown. It was in nice condition when purchased although it was missing a few parts and needed a general mechanical detailing. It had a Corbin seat and aftermarket exhaust system which I replaced with original parts. Thankfully the previous owner still had the original exhaust system which was in superb condition. Mileage at the time of purchase was 7321 (11787 km).

A fine handling, nicely refined machine that proved very popular with club racers in years past and is still considered somewhat of a cult bike, relatively few remain in an original, unmodified condition. In particular, aftermarket NT650 Hawk GT exhaust systems proved to be very popular. Many owners removed and replaced the original exhaust system and as a result finding a NT650 with the original exhaust system can be a challenge.

Pictured above on Colorado Route 103 at an approximate elevation of 10470ft (3191 meters), the Hawk GT performs flawlessly regardless of elevation and runs smooth and quiet. It is a pleasure to ride. Current mileage is approximately 10400 (16744 km).

1990 Honda NT650 Hawk GT

The pics below are from various rides on this fine machine.

1990 Honda NT650 Hawk GT
1990 Honda NT650 Hawk GT
1990 Honda NT650 Hawk GT
1990 Honda NT650 Hawk GT
1990 Honda NT650 Hawk GT
1990 Honda NT650 Hawk GT

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Here's a shot of the Hawk GT with three of its like-size stablemates: Two of them V-twins, two of them inline fours, two of them shaft drive, two of them chain drive, two of them with air-cooled engines, two of them with liquid-cooled engines, all of them fine performers!

L-R: 1990 Honda NT650 Hawk GT - 1982 Yamaha Seca 650 - 2008 Hyosung GT650S - 1982 Suzuki GS650G

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