1971 Suzuki T125 Stinger

1971 Suzuki T125 Stinger

( T125R )

I purchased this 1971 T125 Stinger from the 2nd owner on March 18, 1986. It was in excellent condition when purchased and it remains that way today. It is in original condition and has not been restored.

An interesting 125cc twin-cylinder machine with near-horizontal cylinders and an unusual frame, only a limited number of T125 models were sold. A fortunate purchase as few early Japanese two-stroke machines have survived in original condition such as this example. I purchased the Stinger with the intent of preserving it as an example of the unique machine that it really is. The Stinger will eventually transfer to its next owner in the condition pictured.

The Stinger is pictured above in Red Rocks Park near Morrison, Colorado. Total mileage is 1427 (2283 km) and it was last ridden June 1986 on a 50+ mile ride through the foothills west of Denver, Colorado at which time it performed perfectly.

The 1971 models were the last T125s offered for sale in the U.S.

1971 Suzuki T125 Stinger

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